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My little world...

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well, last week i had an interview at a local company for my apprenticeship/college space. it started out so well... but since it was my first one, i was so nervous when they did the single-interviews.
so, i think i screwed up big time... i didn't know anything bout the company - what they're doin' n stuff... - and then i didn't know what to say in english when i had to... but i think that the english part kinda pulled me outta the biggest shit in the end, since i talked a bit w/ the boss (without knowing he was the boss.) in english and i think he liked what he heard.

anyway... so in three months i'll take the abitur-tests and it's all just getting so scary! i mean - this summer, i'll be done!!! i can't believe this is happening to me so fast! like just some time ago, i was in kindergarten! time is moving so fast. and i don't know how to keep track!

and on top of that, i'm lonely... okay, i have my mother and my friends, but noone is here for me when it comes to understanding me. well, kinda hard to understand me as an outsider, when even i don't know what i'm about.

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