My little world...


My little world...

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I feel a tear coming on.
From deep within me.
From a corner of my mind
that I can't figure out.

Nobody notices, but it's there.

Slowly, the tears are coming
and I force myself to stop them.
It makes me weak.
And nobody seems to nitice.

I feel a tear coming on.
From a corner of myself
that I can't understand.
Nobody understands, or even tries.

How can I express my feelings,
when noone really cares?
They all live in their small
and ordered world.

They don't even wanna understand!

I feel a scream coming on
from every fiber of my body.
Because I wanna tell them!
But I can't
cuz they'd never understand!

They'd never even try.
Oh, they pretend,
but in their minds
they are far, far gone...

Or am I far, far gone?
16.1.05 22:26


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DasOrakel / Website (16.1.05 23:25)
Gefällt mir. Wocher hast du das?

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